I'm Carrie Emmerson. Woman, wife, kid Mum, dog Mum, business founder and social media educator, strategist & marketeer. 20-years in travel and hospitality, a creative streak, Motherhood, three flexible working requests, redundancy on maternity leave, family bereavement and a well-timed Facebook ad all collided in my world in 2018. I retrained, qualified as a Strategic Social Media Manager and Paid Ads Specialist, and founded Social Media TLC - a marketing consultancy helping brands and business-founders to stand out in a sea of social media similarity.  In addition to my bespoke and signature social media services, I love to talk all things marketing, business foundership, motherhood or midulthood! You can hear more at The Way Of Living Podcast: Redundancy, Flexible Working, Motherhood And Business Owner and Wing Woman Work.


THE THING ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING... Isn't about algorithms and adverts, It's about audiences and emotion. Followers, like counts, comments, DM's and web clicks are all by-products of quality content people choose to respond to.


THE THING I NOW KNOW... No one starts out an expert, and the best learning is by doing.


THE THING I'M GLAD I DIDN'T KNOW... I had no idea what it meant to go into business. I just did it. I set out to build purpose, passion and profit into the posts of the clients wanting to hire me. A degree of naivety is really helpful when starting out.


THE THING I DIDN'T SEE COMING... A global pandemic! In March 2022 the bottom dropped out of my client pipeline when lockdown hit. But as I write this in 2022, with a business and portfolio which is flourishing once more, I'm grateful for the lessons and resilience I had no choice but to learn.


THE THING I'M CHUFFED ABOUT... Most of my clients come via recommendation. To know other people speak highly about what I do and how I can help is a massive motivator.


THE THING THAT'S IMPORTANT TO ME... I proudly support a generation of brand and, founder-led businesses who aren't digital natives. My expertise serves them better than the Instagram-savvy-but-not-so-life-savvy Gen Z'ers in their lives!

THE THINGS I CAN'T WORK WITHOUT... My phone (obvs!), Macbook (also obvs), the array of social apps all serving their unique purpose, and essential tools like Preview, Later, Canva and Flick.


THE THING I'M OK WITH... Some days I feel like a rockstar. Others, self-doubt creeps in. Running a business is a journey of good times and wins and downtimes and screw-ups. But success doesn't come without making mistakes.

THE THING I STRONGLY BELIEVE... Businesses need more traits like nurturance, supportiveness, warmth, and expressiveness *as well as* those like courage, independence, strength and assertiveness. 


THE THINGS I VALUE...  1. Trust. Social Media TLC is human to human. Transparency and positivity work both ways = no robots,  no meanies. 2. Learning. I combine a smorgasbord of social media, business and life when I mentor, tutor and teach. 3. Collaboration = Ideas + Inspiration + Energy.


THE THINGS I LOATHE...  I *really* dislike rudeness, social media 'gurus' who talk codswallop, overdue invoices, coffee and traffic!

THE THINGS I LOVE... Kindness, laughter, kitchen discos, family fun, drinking tea, a well-made Cosmopolitan, snow/wake/paddle boarding, geek-ing out on good social and talking about new marketing projects...