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Reels Mini Course

A reels education for a reels sceptic generation

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Getting more likes with social media coach

Instagram Program

Every business has to start on Instagram at one time or another and as a biz owner, it's yet another thing to add to the "must master" list! And that list can be pretty long given everything else it takes to run a successful small business.

But, once you know the fundamental essentials of Instagram and more importantly how to apply them, it makes showing and growing your business on the 'gram much easier and that can be seriously good for your people and your profit.


My pioneering Instagram Essentials program is designed to give you those Instagram marketing super powers and take you from insta-novice to insta-know-how.


Each of the 21-chapters are delivered directly to you through Instagram itself. It's entirely self-paced so you can dip in and out as you wish, entirely accessible with all o' the good stuff @igtlc and entirely affordable at just £150. 

The Content Club

You know you want and need to create content for your business, but do you often get stuck in a content rut? Spend too much time procrastinating?Or don't actually find time to dedicate to planning and creating your content, meaning you're just not visible because you're staying hidden? 

You're not alone, nor do you have to overcome those hurdles alone because that's what our Monthly Content Workshop is for.

Over the course of 90 minutes on the first Tuesday of every month, Mary, a qualified Life Coach and Carrie, a qualified Social Media Guru, will steer you to content creation productivity through a guided mentoring session followed by time to craft those all important posts that will take you from content idle to content idol.

You can book on to our Monthly Content Workshops ad hoc for £19 each, or as a monthly subscription for £15 a month. And if you can't make or miss the live workshop, we'll always send a replay link so you can watch and work it through at a time that suits you.

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