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Instagram Essentials

make Instagram a place that makes people want to buy from you

If you're a small business or a bigger company who wants an Instagram account that makes people want to follow you - and you need one if you want to turn them into a fans who buy from you - this program can help you with that.  

if you're frustrated

your account isn't growing, yet you see other accounts doing great things on the 'gram...

If you dislike

how your business looks and feels on Instagram and how you're just not getting any engagement...

if you want

to make Instagram a place packed full of purpose, profit and personality for your business...

If you need

an accessible, actionable and most of all, affordable way to up-level your business on Instagram...

Quite simply, this on-demand program helps you make Instagram a place of purpose and profit by 100% using what's unique to YOU....your personality.  

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Running a small business and wearing all o' the hats that go with it, can leave little left for marketing. But you'll also know how valuable Instagram is for a small business given it's a wide reaching, free platform that gets eyes on your product or service. But Instagram's a tough one if you're unsure of how it *really* works. That's why I've created...

Instagram Essentials

All of my knowledge, expertise & experience from working with brands to big corporates to small businesses has been picked and packed into this accessible and actionable 21-chapter Instagram Essentials Program. Delivered directly to you via Instagram itself, it's literally the most relevant and realistic Instagram training you can get! There's no better way to learn how to master the magic from this formidable platform than by using this formidable platform under the wing of an nurturing expert with ninja-level skills!


learn on the go

The 21-chapters are on the account @igtlc, directly on Instagram itself. There's no better place how to learn how to use Instagram than on Instagram!

actions to glow

Each chapter gives you a snapshot of insta-theory, some examples of insta-good and most importantly, some insta-actions - they're what will really make an impact.

mentoring from a pro

A fully qualified strategic social media manager with 20 years years commercial experience and 40 years life experience, cheerleading you with every step.

learn as you grow

You'll join a supportive network of small businesses and once you're in, you get ongoing access, so you'll keep in the know as your account continues to grow.

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"Before Instagram Essentials @igtlc, my posting was sporadic & unfocused. The 21-chapters taught me the key elements to focus on, how to achieve them in simple steps and the tools to make posting and creating content much easier"

Stella, Ceramicist @atelierstellaceramics


Stella's beautiful creations and incredible Instagram account have been selected as part of The Instagram Edit at The Official Selfridges and for an Instagram Stories takeover on the [1.5 milllion followers] Zoella account - real life proof of how powerful Instagram is as a platform.


join right here

Instagram Essentials is 21 self-paced, on-demand chapters plus ongoing access as and when the materials are updated...


get instant access

Once you've joined, you simply need to request to follow @igtlc from your business account to get full access...


learn and do

Each of the 21-chapters entirely at your own pace, with access absolutely anywhere you take your phone... 


see the impact

Only when you bring to life the actions set with each chapter, as that's how you'll really move the needle for your business...'re here! I'm super glad because I'm unashamedly and mischieviously passionate, about making small business owners just like YOU, social media savvy. I created my signature Instagram Essentials Program as a way of making my experience and knowledge, accessible and affordable. Each of the 21 chapters is delivered on a learn (hello theory), see (hello examples) and do (hello actions) basis for you to max out on your Instagram outputs - so long as you make the effort with the input (it's marketing, not magic!)

Carrie, Founder @socialmediatlc


Need help deciding?

I'm here to make sure either way, you're making the right investment decision for you and your business. If you'd like a chat to see if you're a fit for this program, or if other service and support options might better suit, please don't hesitate to book a call.