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Wish you had more know-how and confidence to put your business out there on social media and to manage your socials so they don't manage you? Learn how with Magnetic Social Media.


3 x £390

or 1 x £990


12 week program + lifetime access

Social media marketing or minefield?

Have you seen other businesses showing up on social media, selling their products or services and thought "where do I start?!" or "how do they do that" or "I haven't got time for this" or "why am sharing posts that just aren't doing anything"?!


Good social media is an art form. And when you're running a business, it's no longer about whether you do social media or not, but about how well you do social media or not. But mastering the art takes know-how, creativity and an endless supply of energy - a big ask! Whether you're using a primary platform to sell your products or services, or as a tool to grow your email list or drive traffic to your website, social media is now an everyday part of your business success.


If you're a business owner responsible for managing your social media, you probably know it can be stressful, not to mention lonely when you don't have anyone lean on and help you understand what to do and how to do it. SIMPLE SOCIAL does all of that, (and some!) with support and resources to help you Think, Learn and Create social media, 100% better, easier and sales'ier.


Your host

I'm Carrie, Business Owner and Strategic Social Media + Paid Ads Manager who has worked with over 200 brands and business founders to grow their visibility and drive website traffic. 

If you're not sure what to do on social media, or you're doing everything you've been told to do [maybe you've previously spent your hard earned money on gurus who are LOUD about their own methods] but you're just not seeing the results you want - I'm here to help you do good for your business.


MAGNETIC SOCIAL MEDIA is a combination of INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK and PINTEREST support to consider the big picture essentials e.g. your business goals and your customer base *and* the finer detail e.g. content pillars and formats. Social media shouldn't be a struggle and MSM will give you the know-how to flow and the confidence to grow the business you're working hard to build.

MAGNETIC SOCIAL MEDIA is an expertly curated mix of done-by-you, done-with-you and done-for-you support, guidance, tools and resources to make your social media marketing something you can be proud of and create content that gives you more from doing less. It focusses on three primary platforms INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK and PINTEREST and will teach you the techniques to managing your social media rather than it manage you.



MAGNETIC SOCIAL MEDIA will support you if you're already using social media to build your business and need an expert to help you:

  • Make a magnetic social media strategy

  • Create a business-building content plan

  • Get inspired about creative content formats

  • Learn how to write copy that converts

  • Use your socials to drive web traffic

  • Access what's working right now

  • Enjoy the process!

Imagine, instead of feeling overwhelmed and full of uncertainty that your social media isn’t working, you could tap into expert-led support to grow your confidence and create content to showcase the business you're working hard to build.


Lisa, Hanova Studio

It took time to find the right social media person but Social Media TLC was on the radar from the beginning of my journey and for me, it was really important to connect with another local business. Always encouraging, nurturing and fun! Carrie help to join the dots and put proper planning, strategy and use of time into action - invaluable!



Create a simple & manageable content strategy to give your posts purpose, personality and drive your profit. This is one of the many lightbulb moments for every client I've ever worked with.

Craft content bursting with your business personality and feels totally unique and authentic to who you really are because if you enjoy creating it, your audience will enjoy consuming it.

Embrace the variety of platforms and content formats on them + which work best for your business. Instagram Reels can be *really* good for example, and Pinterest Pins can be super powerful. 

Discover how to sell your products or services with the smallest of audiences because you don't need a huge following (I'm proof of that!) but you do need an engaged audience who like & trust you.

Get more eyes on your website! Got an email list, E-Commerce shop, podcast, blog, YouTube or Facebook Group? Use your social media to drive traffic to ensure your audience doesn't miss a thing.

Use my custom-made tools and resources to simplify your social media marketing, save time and make content that can be crafted easily & enjoyably.


1 x 1:1 Strategy Supercharge Session

Good activity online comes from a considered plan offline and my strategy supercharge session will get you clear on what you want to achieve and how you're going to achieve it. You can then channel that clarity into all of your marketing activity.

1 x 1:1 Customised Content Session

No two businesses are the same so this customised content session is to craft a content plan that's going to work for YOU. We'll take your strategy and turn it into a creative and audience engaging content plan that's enjoyable and manageable. 

1 x 1:1 Pinterest Power Hour

Pinterest is *the* most powerful tool in the social media family at driving traffic. Whether that's to your website, a Facebook group or your Instagram shop, I'll walk and talk you through how you can easily and excitably harness the power of the pin!

3 x Monthly Content Club

Join me each month for the lowdown on what's working on social media  right now, from looking at a breakdown of the latest content & campaigns my consultancy has been running, to updates and trainings on how the platforms are changing. 

Access to Ignite Your Instagram

Delivered directly to you through Instagram, itself, this is the most realistic Instagram deep-dive you can get! With ongoing access, you'll be able to grow your know-how and keep up with the ever changing Insta-landscape to continually build your business.

Access to the TLC Learning Library

Access my expertly handpicked resource library of blogs, websites and podcasts from industry voices of authority  – it’s like an Aladdin’s cave of information and teachings with something for everyone.

1 x Business Planner

Join me each month for the lowdown on what is working in Facebook right now, from looking at a breakdown of the latest campaigns my agency has been running, to updates and trainings on how the platform is changing. 

1 x Strategy Planner

A strategy is a well oiled, well executed plan and it's the foundation of all good social media marketing. With this blueprint you can custom-make a strategy for your own business as often as you need.

1 x Post Planner

This isn't one of those planners that tells you to post on national tea day or hug your pet day. This planner prompts you through audience engaging, action encouraging, sales driving Instagram posts that *you* can create for your business in just an hour each week. 

1 x Hashtag Set

You can't be visible if you stay hidden, and hashtags and key words are an important tool in how people will find you on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. And with this hashtag set, I do the finding for you and then all you have to do is use them in your posts! Simples!

1 x Performance Report

What gets measured gets managed is so very true and part of the art of making good social media is knowing what's working (= do more of it) and what's not. This easy to follow performance report template helps you social media smartly.

Access to my Close Friends List

If you're on my close friends list, you'll see a green ring around my profile picture on Instagram instead of the usual pink one - that's where I share handpicked content exclusive to Content Clubber and Magnetic Social Media Members.


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Katie, Slik & Lawn

Note to anyone thinking about joining Carrie's MAGNETIC SOCIAL MEDIA - I can't tell you how excited I am about being part of it - which is a testament to how well crafted it is - you'll want to revisit again and again. Bitesize and manageable tasks which you can action as you go and deep-dive when you need to. Great for both newbies and more seasoned social media types.

"Can I just say how amazing I think you are, how hard you work and the level of knowledge you put into your training. I LOVE the Instagram Program and you've inspired me to revisit the training courses I built a while back. Delivering it via Instagram is genius and so accessible. Keep doing it you fabulous pocket rocket."

Leanne, Director @bitcmedia

"My word, that Instagram session was good! Growing my email list is definitely one of my objectives. My business turns 1 this month so I know I am still in test and learn phase but so many takeaways from the last content clinic. Stories for next time - brilliant. Lots to start implementing - great stuff."

Lisa, Founder @hanovastudio

"The Hashtag Guide is exactly what I've been after! I've always found them so confusing but I'm only a few pages into this and already things are making much more sense! Thanks Carrie. Now, if you could just write a guide like this for every aspect of Instagram, I'd be v grateful!"

Katharine, Body Shop Consultant




Total value = £4500

  • 1 x Strategy Supercharge Session

  • 1 x Customised Content Session

  • 1 x Pinterest Power Hour

  • 3 x Months Content Club Membership

  • Access to the Ignite Your Instagram Program 

  • Access to my TLC Learning Library

  • Access to my Close Friends List

  • 1 x Weekly Business Planner

  • 1 x Social Media Strategy Planner

  • 1 x Instagram Post Planner

  • 1 x Hashtag & SEO Guide

  • 1 x Social Media Performance Report

  • Immediate access

3 X PAYMENTS of £390

For expert-led digital marketing support to magnetise your social media marketing.


Total value = £4500

  • 1 x Strategy Supercharge Session

  • 1 x Customised Content Session

  • 1 x Pinterest Power Hour

  • 3 x Months Content Club Membership

  • Access to the Ignite Your Instagram Program 

  • Access to my TLC Learning Library

  • Access to my Close Friends List

  • 1 x Weekly Business Planner

  • 1 x Social Media Strategy Planner

  • 1 x Instagram Post Planner

  • 1 x Hashtag & SEO Guide

  • 1 x Social Media Performance Report

  • Immediate access

1 X FULL PAYMENT of £990

Save £180 by paying in full for your expert-led digital marketing support to magnetise your social media marketing.


I'm not going to tell you you're going to join MAGNETIC SOCIAL MEDIA, start sharing some content and see the followers or revenue flood in over night. 

That's not how it works.

What I CAN tell you from years of managing the my own accounts and my client accounts, is that social media marketing is a marathon with no finish line. Learning, applying and evolving how you do social media marketing will see you magnetise the benefits in the long term. 

There's never a reason to delay investing in your social media marketing so start now, deep-dive into your custom 1:1's, the DIY elements, the immediacy of the done-for-you elements and with my support, we'll create a social media presence that will start and continue to impact your business.


Stella, Atelier Stella Ceramics

Untitled design (7)_edited.png

Before MAGNETIC SOCIAL MEDIA, my posting was sporadic and unfocused. I would often struggle with ideas to post. TLC Club's taught me the importance of a consistent feed and explained how to achieve posts that look good and feel good in simple steps. It's also introduced me to to tools that make posting and creating content much easier. I now feel more confident about why and what I'm posting and find it easier to keep an engaging, interesting feed. Now Instagram really works for me and I can focus on the creative side of my business, and share it with my followers.

let's go