Why Social Media TLC?

because good social's driven by an audience, not just an algorithm



I'll do what I'll say I'm going to do with knowledge, skill & experience. My purpose isn't just business to business or business to customer, it's human to human. I'll bring transparency and positivity to every interaction, and seek the same in return. In summary: no robots,  no meanies.


Learning  [as an adult] is voluntary, self-motivated and on-going. Sometimes, that comes with it's own challenges. I'm a believer in empowerment & enjoyment, in content marketing, in business, and in life. So if we work together, it's a two-way learning experience, not just a transaction.


You know your business inside out. I know social media. By working together, we'll unleash that story in a way that's unique to your business to sell your products or services. Packed full of your personality, it'll make your socials good for your people *and* your profit.


I followed an unconventional path to social media. I wasn't a marketeer. I didn't have a black book of industry contacts to call on. I worked in HR and Operations in the travel industry, but fell in love with the power of social media storytelling & selling after using it in-house as a recruitment tool and after I was served a Facebook ad that basically changed the course of my life for the better! 


Motherhood, three [turbulent] flexible working requests, a redundancy on maternity leave and that well timed Facebook ad, were the catalyst to finding work that works. I retrained as a Strategic Social Media Manager, started at zero, built a business and a brand and haven't looked back.


No one starts out an expert, but through grit & determination, good humour and a global pandemic (!), in just two years, I've had the privilege of working with an incredible client list to get their businesses seen, heard and social media savvy.


Kindness, words & pictures, kitchen discos, tea, Cosmopolitans, wake boarding, snowboarding.


Rudeness, numbers, coffee, peppers, traffic, heights.