Confused by social media post sizes?

They do seem to change constantly and with the immersive Instagram feed looming they'll change AGAIN shortly*

*shakes fist at Instagram for not doubling-down on being THE photo sharing app!

Tools like Canva have brilliant post re-sizing capabilities. As does the trusty edit function on your iPhone.

As a Social Media Manager who manages multiple content formats across different social media platforms for clients, experience has proven that each individual platform favours content optimised for that platform.

And industry authority Hootsuite kindly update this handy guide to social media image sizes on all important social media platforms. Click here to take a look.

Keep in mind tho' with the shift towards video and a 9:16 format (think the size you view stories and reels on Instagram) - the more you start to get used to creating content for Instagram like that now, the more ahead you'll be if/when the immersive feed is rolled out to every account.


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