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TLC Consultancy

Let's move the needle on your marketing 

if you're stuck

With 'beige' accounts that aren't helping to build your business...

If you're strugglin'

To make your social media a place of purpose, personality & profit...

if you need

Clarity and an easy to follow set of wish-list-come-true actions... 


A 1:1 consultancy session with 'Aunty Social' gives you dedicated clarity and bespoke content planning for a thought-storming 90-minutes.

There's a pre-session questionnaire for you to complete and pre-work from Carrie so we can hit the ground running and max out on the session itself.


Your power session can be about whatever you want or need: Clarity on a concept or direction, a thought-storm for an up and coming campaign, content ideas for how best to communicate your business or a review of your existing presence on the 'gram.

I'll help you untangle the mess (aka confusion/bewilderment/frustration), and you'll walk away from the 90-minutes with the actions and energy to show and grow your best Instagram.


Previous Power Sessions have produced: clear personal brand efforts and energies, 1-3 months work of campaign content planning to manoeuvre a tricky business time, mentoring on working smarter not harder and deep diving on content plan and strategy, 

Carrie, Founder @socialmediatlc

Words from an incredibly talented artist who reached out to book a power session after feeling lost and unproductive:


"I decided to dive straight in and I've already started to create content I'd have put off had it not have been for our power session. The pre-questionnaire and the session itself is an exercise that's made me realise I need to think bigger, and make bigger! So that's what I'll now be doing!

Thank YOU. It was exactly what I needed."

artist, brighton


Your dedicated Content & Clarity Cheerleader

If you're in need of a full brand or business social media overhaul please book a content strategy hack with Carrie.

Where possible, power sessions will be recorded, and a month or so post session, we'll have a 15 minute accountability check-in call to follow up on your progress.

This power session isn't about Carrie doing your Instagram for you and doesn't replace a social media strategy, but it is a great opportunity for an accessible, actionable and affordable Instagram deep-dive to troubleshoot and get you clear on your direction. 

Consultancy Sessions are £130 (inc. VAT) or book a block of 3 sessions over 3 months for £300 (inc. VAT). Spaces are limited each month so don't delay in requesting yours for a time to suit.