When brands and business-founders need expertise they don't have in-house, I provide tailor-made social media services. Consultancy clients include; HR team training for Neilson Holidays, an Instagram stories take-over on the 1.2M follower Zoella account for ceramicist Atelier Stella, influencer audit and outreach for luxury holiday company Kate & Tom's, a copywriting piece for independent fashion brand Silk & Lawn and a 6-month strategy start-up with the founders of British activewear brand, Pokita.

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Content Strategy

Whether you're launching something new, running a specific campaign, injecting new ideas, manoeuvring business burnout, or you've got the ideas but you need clarity, direction and most of all "here's what you need to do next actions" to get them done - that's a custom-made content strategy. It's part of big picture jigsaw puzzle so it doesn't just focus on content - we deep-dive your wider marketing mix and your business wishes, wants and needs. I've strategised with global corporates like Pfizer UK and Philippines UK through to independent British brands like Department Store for the Mind and STYCH Accessories

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Social Media Management

Imagine having your social media management expertly planned-with-you, and then efficiently done-for-you as a seamless extension of your business? My content family's close-knit and I'm selective with who I work with - it's an up close and personal, two way street with the types of client I can help. I've fleshed out a portfolio filled with good souls who I drive results for with content full of  strategy, creativity and Social Media TLC energy, managing  accounts for online brands like Acai Outdoorwear, The Bonnie Mob, The Little Sock Company, Ruth Mulvie and The Paper Snowflake Company focussing on building brand awareness and growing revenue by driving web clicks. Social Media Management can include organic posting or organic and paid ads and options for both short-term and ongoing account management